About Us

Adept Instruments was started by a surgeon who felt that the current beauty tools on the market were lacking. As someone who uses instruments on a daily basis in her working life, she found herself reaching for something better while at her make-up counter.  So she decided to take a leap and make something better. 

Not much has changed in the world of beauty tools in 50 years. Tools are mostly brushes, with straight handles, which are not ideal. Adept’s tools were carefully designed to fit with the human hand and face, with a curve on the handle of the applicator that is reminiscent of surgical instruments. The tools were designed in clay, then modeled digitally, and finally injected molded in the U.S. The refining and prototype process took over a year to make sure these were perfect. The weight, grip, and texture of each instrument was carefully considered. 

The materials were carefully chosen to be food safe. You can sterilize these instruments in your dishwasher if you desire. 

If you hate wasting product on your hand or fingers while mixing it, or ruining your nails or polish with abrasive beauty treatments, the palette is for you. 

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Enjoy elevating your technique!