Miles From Amateur: Makeup Artist Tips for Using Cosmetic Applicators Like a Pro

Miles From Amateur: Makeup Artist Tips for Using Cosmetic Applicators Like a Pro

In the post-COVID era, makeup artists are redefining their craft to prioritize hygiene without compromising on creativity and results. With health and safety at the forefront, mixing makeup on hands and applying it directly to clients' faces has become a thing of the past. Instead, makeup artists are adopting innovative techniques, like using a makeup palette, to maintain cleanliness while elevating their makeup applications. In this blog post, we'll share valuable tips and ideas for makeup artists on using cosmetic applicators like a pro, with the aid of a palette, to deliver flawless and safe results.

  1. The Versatility of Makeup Palettes:

Modern makeup palettes come in various forms, each designed for specific purposes. Opt for palettes that allow easy customization of product. Versatile palettes not only provide a clean and organized space but also offer the flexibility to create personalized color combinations for each client.

  1. Prepping the Palette:

Before every makeup session, ensure your palette is clean and sanitized. Use a gentle disinfectant wipe to clean the palette's surface, and if using Adept's palette, you can do this in the dishwasher. This precaution ensures a hygienic start to each makeup application.

  1. Mixing and Customization:

Leverage the palette as your mixing canvas to create custom shades tailored to your client's skin tone and preferences. Mixing foundations, concealers, and other products on the palette allows you to achieve seamless and natural-looking results, enhancing the overall makeup experience for your clients.

  1. Hygiene is Non-Negotiable:

Prioritize hygiene at all times. Regularly disinfect your palette, tools, and brushes to prevent cross-contamination between clients. Sterilizable applicators and single-use sponges can also complement your hygiene practices, especially for clients with specific skin concerns.

  1. Organization and Efficiency:

Organize your palette thoughtfully to optimize your workflow. Group similar products together, such as foundation, concealer, and blush, to reduce searching time during the application process. An organized palette allows you to deliver a polished look to your clients. An Adept palette, that you can carry closely and effortlessly on the back of your and still utilize your fingers allows you to work efficiently.

  1. Cleanliness on the Go:

For makeup artists on the move, portable and compact palettes are excellent options. Look for palettes with secure closures to prevent spillage and ensure cleanliness when traveling between appointments or locations.

  1. Palette as a Creative Canvas:

View the palette as an extension of your artistic expression. Experiment with color combinations, layering techniques, and textures on the palette before applying them to your client's face. This practice allows you to refine your skills and create captivating makeup looks.

  1. Educate and Engage:

Use your social media platforms and website to educate your audience about your hygiene practices. Showcase how you use the palette to maintain cleanliness during makeup application. By demonstrating your commitment to safety and professionalism, you build trust with your clients and attract new ones.


As makeup artists navigate the post-COVID landscape, incorporating a makeup palette into their toolkit is a game-changer for delivering safe, hygienic, and creative makeup applications. With the right palette and a commitment to cleanliness, you can elevate your artistry and ensure that every client leaves your chair feeling confident and beautiful. Embrace the palette as a versatile and essential tool on your journey from amateur to pro makeup artist. Happy makeup artistry!

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